Snatched #2

After Vicky shrinking and bringing Tommy to the Beauvoir Yacht, ordered by her feminist leader Gail, Tommy is shown how it is like to live in a matriarchy, a rape culture dominated by giant women. This time, Gail's best friend Joy, brings to the yacht a newly shrunken woman, to keep Tommy company. After Vicky and Tommy exchange words, Joy comes into the picture with her newly shrunken female victim, now used as a toy for her pleasure and for Tommy's pleasure, even if he doesn't want to. Snatched continues with the second part of the story, with even more images, more erotic excitement and a crueler but happier instigator at the helm, this time Joy shows the newly shrunken woman and Tommy how it is like to live in a rape culture, consumed with madness and sexual desire, this is a story for every giantess lover to see hand held interaction, boob crushing, humiliation and domination, bigger, better and more graphic than the first part of Snatched!

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File Format: Zipped File
Image Format: PNG and PDF
Number of Pages: 184
Language: English
includes: shrinking man, shrinking woman, hand held interaction, boob crush, rape, slave

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